kc interfaith project (1)The KC Interfaith project was founded to preserve the unique and rich interfaith history of the greater Kansas City region. Given how intrinsic interfaith work is to Kansas City culture, preserving the progress of this movement historically presents immense value, perhaps yet to be foreseen. While extensive research has been done concerning ecumenical and interfaith history at a national, and even global level, very few efforts have transpired which document ecumenical and interfaith activity at a regional level, with a more concentrated geographical focus. The aim of this project is to conduct comprehensive research, emphasizing ecumenical and interfaith work specific to the greater Kansas City area, and make this information available to the general public through a digital archive. The KC Interfaith Project was founded by Geneva Blackmer, M.A., with guidance from the Rev. Vern Barnet, DMn, and the Rev. Larry Guillot, sacrae theologiae doctor.

Do you have information regarding interfaith organizations and history in the greater Kansas City area? We’d love to hear from you! Visit our “Contact” page, or email kcinterfaithproject@gmail.com