The Christian Jewish Muslim Dialogue Group (CJMDG) was founded in 1987 and coordinated by the Rev. Dr. Vern Barnet. The group, composed of local community members, met regularly to engage in an on-going discussion designed to bridge understanding. The group aimed at developing relationships between leaders of the three faith traditions. Meetings were closed, and intentionally limited to approximately twenty-five people, to promote self-education and mutual understanding. [1]

The group encouraged discussion about the middle east and issued three statements relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The CJMDG sponsored the first dialogue of this kind in the Greater Kansas City area. The event was hosted by the Jewish Community Campus, featuring speakers Mordechai Baron and Ziad Abuzayyad. The group later facilitated a public meeting, in March of 1988, on “The Religious Basis for Peace in the Middle East.” Featured speakers were Rabbi Eugene Lipman and Dr. Mahmoud Ayoub. The following year, in 1989, a third forum was held on “The Search for Peace in the Middle East,” featuring General Yehoshafat Harkabi and Dr. Emile Sahliyeh. Both events were held at Temple B’nai Jehudah.[2]

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