The first World Conference of Faith and Order, held in Lausanne in 1927, had participants from one hundred and eight churches. 385 men were present, along with nine women, and twelve staff. Church participants included Lutheran, Reformed, Old Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Methodist, Congregational, Baptist, and Disciples.[1] Among these, twenty-two of the churches were American; British, Continental European, and Eastern churches were also represented. However, out of the four hundred delegates present, only five were Asian or African.

The conference elected Bishop Brent as President. Due to his health, he asked that Dr. A.E. Garvie be appointed as deputy Chairman.[2] Themes discussed a Faith and Order included “The Church’s Message to the World: the Gospel,” “The Nature of the Church,” “The Church’s Common Confession of Faith,” “The Church Ministry,” “The Sacraments,” and “The Unity of Christendom and the Relation There and of Existing Churches.” Of all these discussions, participants of the conference could only agree upon the church’s message to the world through the Gospel.[3]


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