As religious persons of many traditions, we affirm that each individual has a special value and significance as part of an ultimate and sacred order.

We believe that all people have abiding worth and that human dignity and welfare must be our continuing concerns.

We believe that such dignity is betrayed by racism, sexism, bigotry, or any form of human exploitation. These are wrong, producing tragic consequences for the abused, the abuser and the entire human community.

We affirm the rich diversity of our ethnic, cultural and religious life. We celebrate our national heritage with its ideals of individual liberty and freedom of conscience.


As religious people we confess our own limitations, for we are imperfect both in attitude and action. Nevertheless, we reaffirm our responsibility to stand together against all expressions of hate and bigotry, be they corporate or personal.

We call on the clergy and lay leaders of our communities to resist fear and hate in all forms, to challenge all of us to embrace more of love and justice.

We stand ready to join with all people of good will in working toward greater understanding and mutual appreciation in all personal and community relationships. Therefore, we applaud the “Harmony in a World of Difference” program, and we pledge ourselves to that effort.

In doing so, we offer the following suggestions as ways to bring us closer to some greater harmony in our world of difference: working toward relationships with other faiths, cultures and racial groups; educating ourselves about different faiths, religions, cultures and races; working for greater social and economic opportunity for all people; and making known our own commitment and encouraging widespread personal commitment.