“Religion on the Line” is a KCMO Talk Radio show, aired on Sunday mornings, on 710AM and 103.7FM. The show was founded by Rabbi Zedek in 1991. The program emerged following the tragic death of popular radio psychologist, Dr. Marshall Saper. Rabbi Zedek assisted in filling up Saper’s air time and providing guidance for those working through the tragedy. The station eventually approached Rabbi Zedek about doing his own shown. Zedek proposed a show that would counteract the current culture of shouting, rather than listening. He thought a show which portrayed a Rabbi, a Priest, and Minister getting along, despite their differences of opinion, would be very valuable. Initially selected for the show were Fr. Tom Savage and Rev. Robert Lee Hill. The three hosts respond to different questions about faith, tradition, contemporary news, and moral positions on different issues. [1]

The show generally begins with the three representatives discussing different topics relevant to the current moment. Listeners then call in to respond to the different issues raised in their conversations or do introduce a new topic for discussion. Religion on the Line, as the name suggests, is based entirely around the concept of picking up the phone to talk about religion. It is often informational, but also promotes the message that it is not necessary to agree on everything in order to be connected in a spiritual way.[2]

Fr. Tom Savage was on the show for thirteen years, but since then, the Catholic seat has been heavily rotated. The current Catholic representative is Bill Seholl, Social Justice Consultant for the Archdiocese of Kansas City. The program is now featured on the radio in Topeka, as well as its continuing presence in Kansas City. Religion on the Line continues to enable listeners to recognize that it is possible to build significant human connections with those who hold different belief systems. It allows people to cross the boundaries of their religious communities, with a growing appreciation for one another. It also offers a sense of religious community for those who do not otherwise have this opportunity for connection.[3]

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