The Hindu and the Cowboy / Festival of Faiths Archive

The Hindu and the Cowboy began as a “life stories” project, organized by a small group known as the Mosaic Project. The group was formed in the aftermath of 9/11 and the Gifts of Pluralism Conference. Key members included Donna Ziegenhorn, Jane Heidi, and Kathy Riegelman. The group went into the community, collected, and transcribed, interviews with over eighty people. The stories were later turned into the play, The Hindu and the Cowboy, written by Donna Ziegenhorn. Private readings were held at the Coterie Theatre and the Bruce R. Watkins Center. The first official showing of the play, sponsored by KC Harmony for its annual luncheon, aired on April 15, 2004; it continued to run for the next ten years straight. It is now produced by the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre and available for booking at a nominal fee.[1]


[1] Ziegenhorn, Donna and Marilyn Brewster, interview by Geneva Blackmer. 2019. Festival of Faiths and Hindu and the Cowboy (January 7).