The Kansas City Interfaith Peace Alliance formed in 1981 and was incorporated on February 17, 1982. The alliance’s mission was “to involve individuals and groups of all faiths in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area in a vision of peace encompassed within each of their faiths, and to encourage them to embrace and act upon it.” The Interfaith Peace Alliance records show several organizational flow charts, including an executive committee, board of directors, staff (executive director), and then separate program and policy committees. Program committees included “worship and action,” “education,” and “peacemaking and nonviolence.” Policy committees were divided between “membership and funding” and “personnel.” Each committee functioned under the guidance of a Chair person. James A. Everett functioned as the volunteer executive director for eight years.[1] The organization eventually dissolved due to a dispute over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.[2]*

[1] Kansas City Interfaith Peace Alliance Records (KO552); The State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center-Kansas City.

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* This report on the Kansas City Interfaith Peace Alliance is meant to be illustrative, due to limited information available.