The Kansas City Interfaith Youth Alliance (KCIYA) is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2009. The mission of the KCIYA is to change the conversation about religion through the empowerment of youth. The group seeks to bring together youth from all backgrounds and faith traditions, to serve the community, in pluralistic understanding and respect. KCIYA features a high school leadership team, with members of various religious and non-religious identities, accompanied by adult mentors. These mentors dedicate their time to changing the conversation surrounding faith, values and spirituality, and coming together through the common value of service. There are currently twenty-three active members on the leadership team, representing nine different religious and non-religious traditions. They attend twelve different public and private schools.[1]

Jon Willis is the Present and Founder of KCIYA, and Clare Stern is the Executive Director of Interfaith Programs. Board Members include Bill Tammeus, Kay Walkup, and Sheila Sonnenschein. In April of 2017, KCIYA partnered with the Faith Always Wins Foundation. The merge resulted in the addition of an Executive Director of Interfaith Programs. This position was designed to promote the growth of interfaith cooperation and collaboration in the Greater Kansas City area. In 2018, the KCIYA has engaged approximately 200 students in workshops, school visits, and other community partnerships. [2]


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