On December 31, 1986, a prayer gathering was held around the globe, at noon, Greenwich time. This event was a simultaneous, international affirmation of peace, love, forgiveness, and understanding. The purpose of the event was “to reverse the polarity of the negative force field in the race of mind, achieve a critical mass of spiritual consciousness, and usher in a new era of Peace on Earth.” This tradition began in Kansas City in 1986, led by Fred Culver, and the World Center for Global Community. The Rime Buddhist Center took over the hosting of the event in 2000 and continues to do so today. Each year, they invite community members to share a moment of oneness and reconnect with their common humanity.[1]

The interfaith service begins with a Muslim Call to Prayer. This is followed by a Native American Purification and the Buddhist Vajrasattva Mantra. Local political leaders, such as the Hon. Dr. Charles B. Wheeler Jr., and the Hon. Alvin L. Brooks, are often present. Prayers of Peace are offer by various faith traditions, courtesy of the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council. This is followed by the meditation for World Peace and Sufi Turning. Each year, there is a keynote speaker and a Bodhisattva Award is presented. The ceremony closes with Shantideva’s prayer and the Dedication of Merit.[2]

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